William Shakespeare 's Much Ado About Nothing Essay

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In Shakespeare’s theatrical career, he often critiqued or commented on the playwright’s ability to handcraft a play and manipulate characters and settings. This was often delineated through a play within the play, however there are multiple ways to express the playwright’s capacity to play puppet-master with the characters.
While Shakespeare’s well-known comedy, Much Ado About Nothing, does not have a play within the play, it exposes characters attempting to control the consequences of other character’s futures. Initially, the play proposes the idea that life itself is a planned experience through scenes that magnify character’s lofty ideas to interfere with love and play the part of Cupid. However, the final scene in which two couples are married and the antagonizing character is caught confirms that the outcomes of life and love cannot be controlled or manipulated by human means or efforts. Also, it suggests that there is a higher power that exists that controls human fate, which is analogous with the playwright’s relationship to a play. While not explicitly questioning the extent of the higher power, Shakespeare acknowledges religious undertones that drive the force of love. In whole, Much Ado About Nothing probes at the innate human desire to control love’s consequences, and questions the higher force that obtains this power. A moment in Much Ado About Nothing that captures the fated, inexplicable nature of love occurs in the final act when Margaret has gone to…

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