William Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet ' Essay

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Nunnery or Necessity All of the characters throughout William Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, web together to create a series of complicated relationships in order to progress the plot forward and exhibit the importance that all of these relationships play. Hamlet diversifies from the typical views on females carried by society when he holds him at a higher exchange value for his own purposes in comparison to the value they see in him in order to try to obtain a more successful future. Both of the women in the play provide Hamlet with a service that he unconsciously needs in order to keep himself stable, therefore bettering his future as a whole. Gertrude plays an extremely important part in Hamlet’s life that proves to be both influential and detrimental. Gertrude posses a large exchange value for Hamlet because she provides him with maternal support and is the only living parental figure he has that he truly looks up to and respects, even though she is a women. Gertrude may not say much in the play or have much of her own opinion but when interacting with Hamlet she shows that she is still a mother and holds a double standard for Hamlet when showing that she cannot help but have maternal feelings for Hamlet and does not want anything bad to happen to him. Gertrude shows that she does love her son even if King Claudius thinks that he is mad. She may not publicly display her feelings towards Hamlet but in their one on one encounters she gives Hamlet the motherly care that he…

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