William Shakespeare 's Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark Essay

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The Renaissance Era moved through history with many influential changes to the way that people lived their lives that would have lasting effects for many years to come. Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, Prince of Denmark enacts how an evolving code of honor, combined with complex ploys to restore a loved one’s honor through acts of vengeance can create difficult and complex scenarios in one’s life. Hamlet, Laertes and Horatio’s allegiances and promises of love and honor to other characters come into conflict with their lives. Hamlet and Laertes both wish to honor their father but the process in doing so is not as simple as it may seem. Horatio’s honor and love of Hamlet comes into context as being a calm reasonable mind once emotion overrule thoughts.

The old code of honor during the Renaissance period was a simple ruling and is very simply explained in a passage of Exodus (12.23, 24) “He shall render life for life, eye for eye…” One could avenge another’s death and restore the dead’s honor by punishing the murderer in the exact same manner. However, the new code that began no set itself into history during the timeline of the play Hamlet, states that one must think of his or her actions, as well as their implications. Reta A. Terry states in ‘“Vows to the Blackest Devil”: Hamlet and the Evolving Code of Honor in Early Modern England” that “This emphasis on the conscience, (…) forced men to balance obedience to the State with adherence to Christian virtues of patience and…

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