William Shakespeare 's Hamlet - Morality Of Revenge Essay

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The death of a father is tragic, but tragedy turns into pure evil when it is at the hand of a brother. Anger is the most powerful emotion one can act upon, it can decide what your future will look like. It possesses a mind of its own and makes one feel powerless when overcome by it because he or she simply cannot get rid of it. It is as if nothing can rid the mind of anger.This anger came over Claudius on a fateful day in a king’s orchard before he took the life of a beloved leader and brother when he poisoned him in cold blood and stole his crown, and his wife. Hamlet’s mind is taken over by his own anger and he acts upon it through madness and eventually murder. As soon as he is overcome by anger, he is doomed since he has lost control. In Hamlet, Shakespeare questions the morality of revenge by using symbolic characters to criticize it and portray what happens when one chooses to believe the end justifies the means.
Now, to set the scene, Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother, has just remarried his uncle, Claudius. Claudius murdered his father, King Hamlet. He is deeply hurt by his mother’s decision to remarry Claudius very quickly after his father’s death. His mother chooses the side of Claudius, not Hamlet. On top of all of this Hamlet is experiencing unrequited love. Ophelia loves him no longer. His world is caving in and he feels the only way that he can fix it is to hurt those that once hurt him.
Revenge prolongs a chain reaction of hurtful events for Hamlet and those…

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