Essay on William Shakespeare 's A Midsummer 's Night Dream

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There are influences that constantly surrounding us. The influence of others can impact our choices and perspectives in different ways. There are good and bad influences around us and it is our choice of which one we want to take. In William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer 's Night Dream, Hermia and Theseus consider the perspectives of others, which influences their choices and perspectives on life. However, they still get to decide what they want to do. In my own experience, just like Hermia and Theseus, I also consider external perspective of others. Those who are closest are the most influential on my choices on life. Therefore, external perspectives influences our choices, especially from the people who we value the most. A good leader influences and inspires people. But also a good leader listens to other people’s opinion. As the duke of Athens, Theseus, in the play A Midsummer’s Night Dream must listen to his people and acknowledge their opinions. However, he still gets to decide on things according to the law or according to what he thinks is right. Through this he becomes a more effective leader to his people. For instance, when Egeus approached Theseus, for the reason that his daughter Hermia doesn’t want to marry the guy he likes for her. He asked for a permission to kill his daughter if she doesn’t listen to him, and because Egeus has the right to decide what he wants for her daughter, Theseus decided to agree with Egeus’ proposal. I also think that he values the law…

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