William Shakespeare 's A Midsummer Night 's Dream Essay

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Shakespeare, one of the greatest and most known poets of all time. Known worldwide and studied by many. Shakespeare had a talent in making plays that captivated important people and the commonwealth during his time of existence. While Shakespeare has long passed away, his writings have survived the age of time making it through generations of scholars, students, graduates and even writers in search of writing knowledge. Shakespeare made many plays, but not all were the same. Two interesting and captivating plays of his are the one of “King Lear” and “A Midsummer Night 's Dream.” The play King Lear, first performed on stage in December 26, 1606. King Lear is a play by William Shakespeare that took place in a tragic setting in which many conflicts took place between many people, all revolving in one internal circle of conflict. The play A Midsummer Night 's Dream was first performed on January 1, 1605. A Midsummer Night 's Dream is also a play by William Shakespeare that tells a story of a love conflicting circle. Both plays are quite similar from each other yet different in peculiar ways, for example time and setting, the way the play is written, the characters and the ending.
King Lear takes place in Britain in a dark castle. Throughout the play the setting of the play changes from inside the castle to the outside of an open field. On King Lear, it was always night time or rather dark and gloomy, where the only light that was emitted came from candles, lightning or the…

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