William Shakespeare And The Creation Of King Lear Essay example

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Throughout history all around the world the most advanced people in all developing civilizations were the ones who were able to read and write. They wrote because they wanted future generation like ours to trace back to the roots of all creation and for us to see advancements made and to expand upon them. These brilliant people gave us the tools to write and read in way that society would not think is possible. One man in particular that changed literature forever was Aristotle. A philosopher by trade, he based many of his writings on humans and how they go through life trying to achieve personal happiness. With creations of many theories throughout his lifetime, one impacted many authors in the future including William Shakespeare and the creation of King Lear. William Shakespeare adopted these ideas and was able to tie them inside the life of the main protagonist King Lear. This theory was based on Aristotle 's belief that every tragic hero goes through five different types of characteristics and events in life. These five stages included pre-eminence, tragic flaw, downfall, gaining of insight, and rise. The three reasons that made King Lear a tragic hero in this tragedy are King Lear’s tragic flaw, the downfall of King Lear, and Lear’s gaining of insight. All these reasons make the ideal protagonist a perfect candidate to be a tragic hero.

According to many readers, a common characteristic of all tragic heroes is tragic flaw. Tragic flaw is a decision made by a…

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