Why The Capitalist Brainwash Is Wrong Essay

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Why the Capitalist Brainwash Is Wrong
A common more in society is to help your fellow man. Like most mores, it is not developed to help the individual, but to help society as a whole. The controversial ideology of socialism has been a topic of discussion for decades. America has been so passionately anti-socialism that they were in an arms race with Russia for decades because of it. The threat of no free market is such a terrifying notion that America and Russia threatened to blow up the whole world because of it. Americans value capitalism as if it is a social more, but in reality, it goes against the most sacred values of society. The brainwashing that America has been providing the people is misinformed. This causes Americans to reject socialism, even though they would greatly benefit from it because it is an efficient economic system. Americans do not want Socialism because they think it will be a dictatorship, but America would greatly benefit from democratic socialism. In order to truly thrive in the next century, America should adopt a socialist system of governance.
Socialism is perceived as a threat to American democracy due to the prevalence of misinformation. It is impossible for people to see the benefits if they do not know the basic precepts of the ideology. America has been molded to believe that socialism is about total control. In reality, it aims to help the working man. However, ideological hegemony is to blame for the war on socialism. Ideological…

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