Why Should We Focus On Understanding And Changing The Bullies?

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So why should we focus on understanding and changing the bullies?
Developing an understanding of who bullies, are can help develop programs and treatment options which can possibly reduce negative behavior and may reduce the rates of abuse, suicides, and violence in society. If we can understand the mind and behavior of a bully, we can also offer assistance to the victims who may lack the proper resources and coping skills to deal with abuse and mistreatment. Who are bullies and why do they abuse others?
Many bullies lack a high level of self-esteem and seek a lot of attention and validation. “An expectation of superior entitlement, expecting others to defer to them, and a lack of sensitivity especially when others do not react in the expected manner” (Narcissists, Narcissistic Personality Disorder and The Serial Bully). This statement proves bullies have a false sense of superiority and believe others should conform to their demands despite, how the other individual feels. Bullies lack empathy, sympathy or remorse and utilize their needs and feelings as motivation to hurt others in order to benefits themselves. Bullies can be male or female and can range in age and social status. ‘’Kids aren 't the only bullies, bullying also occurs in the workplace’’ class article by the (American Psychological Association). Many individuals who inflict abuse others may have also been victims at one point in their lives.

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