Why Is Sign Language Significantly Changed After The Records Of Its Conception

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I have investigated thoroughly to find all of the information that I could towards my topic of ‘how and why has sign language significantly changed, from the records of its conception, to present the day to help the hearing impaired and why do different countries use different sign languages.’ Sign language is the system of communication via the use of visual gestures signed using the hands, as used by deaf or hearing impaired people. There are various places around that focus on helping the hearing impaired, but the amount of help you can receive is dependant on the area that you live in. This helps to depict the level of people’s understanding on the subject, but even with these organizations helping the hearing impaired, our society is still ignorant towards them and their plight for the ability to communicate as we go on with our daily lives. I have chosen to pull away from what society has ignored and learn as much as I can on this topic, and my research allowed me to discover things I would otherwise ignore, looking at a variety of resources websites, books, TV and as well as performing a survey and an interview with a sign language interpreter to allow me to collect relevant data.
The survey I produced was filled out by 15 people of the community, and the results that I have received have shown that about half the people surveyed are somewhat ignorant towards sign language and had either guessed the answers to my questions or didn’t take them seriously, while the rest…

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