Essay Why Is Racism So Deeply Rooted Among American History?

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Why is racism so deeply rooted among American history? Why is something as simple as skin color such subject to prejudice and discrimination in today’s society? The United States of America is built off of cruel acts of slavery and racism. So many white Americans did not realize that the acts they performed were horribly wrong and inhumane. They excused themselves simply because darker skin meant that that person was also inferior. Millions of minorities have suffered because of this.
There were multiple laws that encouraged racism before and after the Civil War. These laws separated the whites and blacks and made it seem as if whites were higher in class than blacks. Bill Bigelow writes about this occurrence in “The Color Line”: “The social elites of early America sought to manufacture racial divisions […] they needed mechanisms to divide people who, in concert, might threaten the status quo. Individuals’ different skin colors were not sufficient to keep these people apart if they came to see their interests in common”. The higher class in American society sought to keep whites and blacks apart, so that they could not and would not rise up against the upper class. The social elites knew that people’s skin color was simply not enough to keep blacks and whites apart. The Upper class manufactured laws to keep them segregated, so that they could not learn about each other 's interests.
Laws specifically aimed at slaves became more and more common as years of slavery went on.…

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