Why Is Apollo 13 Successful

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Apollo 13 was a research mission to the moon. Halfway through the mission, the space ship blew up. America thought the astronauts were doomed, but the people at mission control thought otherwise. They brought astronauts back home alive. They never did make it to the moon. Apollo 13 mission was a success for many reasons. The first reason is that they came back alive. After having half of there oxygen supply blown out into space and there being depleted fast, they pulled through. The reason for thinking this is because it states in the Scope article, Disaster In Space, “The blast tore apart one side of their ship. Within minutes, half their oxygen supply had bled out, and the ship’s power
was draining fast.” Another reason for thinking this is because the astronauts used amazing problem solving and showed determination. It states in the Scope article, Disaster In Space, “but the LEM didn’t have enough power or water to last that long. So the astronauts turned off all but the most critical systems, including the heat.“ Then again in the article,”To clean the toxic air, the engineers designed a fix for the air filters using materials on board—cardboard from the flight manual, duct tape, and tubing from extra spacesuits.” …show more content…
In many people’s eyes that is a success. Those are my reasons why the Apollo 13’s mission was a success. It proved how strong and determined America was to bring the astronauts home. It also showed how crafty the astronauts were. I hope this would article would influence your

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