Essay on Why Is American Revolution Unique?

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Why is American Revolution Unique The American Revolution marks a huge turning point of our society. It marks a point where the patriots at the time finally decided to break off all ties to their British rulers. Crane Brinton wrote a piece in 1938 called The Anatomy of Revolution. He perfectly detailed the stages of most revolutionary processes, using four major political revolutions: The English Revelation, American Revolution, French Revolution, and the Russian Revolution as examples to back up his case. Though the American Revolution fits his model on a basic level, it is not at all entirely the same, and is even pointed out in his book that to “not expect our revolutions to be identical”. According to Crane Brinton’s theory of revolution, his theory can be split into four stages. First, a revolution starts with the old government made impossible demands to its people, like unfair taxes, or the people are starving under the old government’s control. Second, the old government failed to suppress revolution, and moderates government take power, but did not make enough change to satisfy people. Third, a radical ruler stand out and use violence to kill anyone who against his ruling and become a dictator . Forth, people united and overthrow the dictator. the moderate groups come back to power and the society restored.However this method of revolution does not perfectly fits the American revolution.
The first stage of Revolutions fits Brinton’s theory, which the…

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