Essay Why Institutions Can Have Negative Effects On Individuals

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A new way to think about institutions

When we think of institutions, we often think about the positives associated and how institutions can help people. However, despite what we often think, institutions can have a negative effect on individuals. Our society relies heavily on institutions, particularly the medical and educational institutions, however they often fail us, and as a result, negatively impact individuals. This is highlighted in ‘Whose life is it anyway?’, image 1 and the tragic incidents at Bankstown hospital involving two babies. By using these examples, i hope to persuade you why institutions can have negative effects on individuals.

I strongly believe that ‘Whose life is it anyway?’, a play written by Brian Clark, brings up the argument that medical institutions can have negative effects on individuals as they completely dismiss the individuals’ opinions and wishes. This is evident in Act 1, when Dr Emerson, a consultant physician injects Valium into his patient, Ken without his permission, claiming that “it was necessary” (Page 27) and that Ken should not question his actions because he is “very depressed” (Page 27). The lack of choice individuals have and the failure of doctors to listen to individuals emphasises how institutions can have negative effects on individuals. We, as humans love having choices and making our own decisions, however in medical institutions, individuals are deprived of their ability to make their own choices and decisions which…

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