Essay on Why I Should Spend Time With The Non Profit Organization

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Social work is an always changing career experience, therefore not one case is ever alike, let alone let there be a straight from the book solution. For this reason, we are made to volunteer 30 hours to an agency of our choice. I decided to spend time with the non-profit organization People Reaching Out located at 5299 Auburn Blvd (People Reaching Out). People Reaching Out, PRO, has a mission to mobilize and inspire the youth to become engaged in their communities (People Reaching Out).
There are many programs within this organization for example, there is civic engagement, mentoring, and advocacy. They represent all walks of life - Latino/Hispanic – 22%, White – 15%, Black/African American – 27%, Asian – 20%, Multi-Ethnic – 13%, American Indian or Alaskan Native - 1%, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander – 1%, as well as, a cross-sector of socio-economic backgrounds – 78% low-to- moderate income. The population served in this organization is the youth. Mainly youth in low income areas and troubled schools? I was chosen to be part of the civic engagement program and my coordinator, CJ Lynch, soon became my mentor. Mr. Lynch can be reached at (669) 400-1033 or by email at
Within the Civic Engagement program, I also work with the Youth @ City Council at the Rancho Cordova City Hall. The purpose of this program is to develop leaders and, “increase Sacramento’s reputation as a youth-friendly city who values the benefit of the early engagement of the…

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