Why Does Language Matter? Essay

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Language, is used in order to communicate, form opinions, problem solve, and establish interpersonal relationships. Through the accounts of Tannen, Sanders, and Hughes, they discuss the significance of certain words and the many interpretations conveyed by people of different perspectives. Most of the writers centered around the pragmatic aspect of language; the intentions of spoken or written expression. Semantics of language, or the study of defining language were also used in the articles. All three of the authors expressed terms directed towards certain people, deriving negative connotations. As well as, the effects of words spoken between friendships and relationships. Thirdly, the documents were pertinent to current issues. Proclaiming, that language in it of itself, helps to expound on pondering issues that indicate stereotypes, racial discrimination, and inevitably, lies. Each of these articles pertain to one main question: “Why does language matter?”. Individually, the authors write an opinion on the matter through various analogies. According to Tannen, words can provoke a contrary intention. She uses the word bossy, as an example that a simplistic word such as this, can form a stereotype surrounding a specific gender. She continues on to say that famous female figures have been continuously labeled as bossy, when commanding an authoritative post. “In short, women at work are in a double bind: If they talk in these ways, which are associated with and expected of…

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