Why Do Women Deserve Rights Essay

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Women Deserve Rights
People’s rights in the United States have always been an issue since the establishment of this country. Whether it be race, gender, or foreigners people have fought for their equal and protected rights. Women, making up a big part of society have constantly struggled to secure their rights. Over the past two centuries, women have fought to obtain their rights in the United States. Women contain human feelings and deserve to be treated equally just like everyone else, because they are huge contributions to the growth of this society. Even though women have been crying out for their rights since the dawn of time, most pleas have gone unnoticed by government officials and superiors. Back in the late eighteen hundreds, a women
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Margaret Sanger fought for the right of birth control. She said that, “You will agree with me that a women should be free. Yet no adult woman who is ignorant of the means to prevent conception can call herself free. No woman can call herself free who cannot choose the time to be a mother or not as she sees fit. This should be woman’s first demand” (Sanger, 56). Here Sanger believes that all women should have access to birth control. Sanger is a strong activist on the topic of birth control and believes that every woman should have the choice to bring a child into the world. Sanger does not however argue against women’s voting rights and suffrage, all that she states is that women should be free. Her main focus was to provide American women with the knowledge of birth control and wanted them to know how to prevent conception of a child. She argued that “Three hundred thousand babies under one year of age died in the United States every year from poverty and neglect while six hundred thousand parents remained in ignorance of how to prevent the three hundred thousand babies from dying of poverty or neglect ”(Sanger, 56). This shows her passion for human life and how important women’s roles are in society. Margaret Sanger’s reasoning was rejected; however, in 1936 congress overruled their decision. The last birth control law was struck down in …show more content…
Steinem thought that the reason women didn’t have equal laws was due to same sex-based myths. She says that “The truth is that all our problems stem from the same sex-based myths” (Steinem, 142). She believes that the laws are based upon men thinking women weren’t as capable at doing physical and mental work that men alone could accomplish. Steinem goes on to explain one of the examples reflected in the law and that is, “That women are biologically inferior to men” (Steinem, 142). Steinem argues that this was the main belief when laws were written. She also gives examples of some of the things women in her time period were still going through. These examples she writes saying, “I am not one of the millions of women who must support a family. Therefore I haven’t had to go on welfare and I haven’t had to submit to the humiliating welfare inquiries about my private and sexual life. I haven’t had to brave the sex bias of labor unions and employers, only to see my family subsist on a median salary 40% less than the male median salary” (Steinem, 142). Steinem shows a great example here on how women had to struggle to take care of their families even though women were not paid as much as men. It also shows the public embarrassment women had to go through for welfare inquires. What Steinem can be seen pushing for in this testimony on the Equal Rights Amendment, is for

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