Essay on Why Did The Us Forces Change As A Result Of The Vietnam War?

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How and why did the US forces change as a result of the Vietnam War?

The Vietnam War started in 1955 and finished in 1975. Over this time, the US army changed dramatically, mainly because the troops lost hope that the US would win soon. It changed in terms of composition, morale, motivation, recreation, equipment used and quality of soldiers. In this essay, I will go into detail about how and why the US forces changed in terms of the motivation, composition and morale. I will conclude at the end.

Firstly, as a result of the Vietnamese War, US forces lost their motivation to fight. In 1965, the troops were highly motivated. This is partly due to the army’s composition: many were professionals or volunteers - they had chosen to fight in Vietnam. There are three main reasons why these men chose to fight in Vietnam: firstly, they may have had strong beliefs in democracy; secondly, they could have been dedicated to the idea of serving the USA through the army; lastly, some wanted to be heroes. The presence of these reasons would make them highly motivated: they were fighting with an intent, whether it be personal or national victory. However, by 1969, troops were lacking motivation. At this point, most of the soldiers were drafted into Vietnam: they did not chose to fight. The draft was increased in 1965. The majority of these soldiers were reluctant to be fighting: some were against the war as they had seen horrific, immoral images of the 1968 Tet Offensive; others may have…

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