Why Did The Thirty Years War Begin?

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Why did The Thirty Years ' War begin? The Thirty Years ' War was fought between 1618 and 1648. Myron P. Gutmann puts that among the major wars of the modern European history the Thirty Years ' War stands out not just for its duration but also for its striking impact on the international system in which it took place. But As learned in History 1102 the Thirty Years ' War began by means of a diplomatic incident called the defenestration of Prague which was an act of throwing people throw windows. The Catholics thought that them being thrown throw a window and didn 't die that was a sort of divine intervention. The protestants, however, said it wasn 't divine intervention but were because they fell not to the floor but in manure. Myron P. Gutmann adds in agreement …show more content…
Gutmann further states that "the Thirty Years ' War was a complicated event, part civil war, and international war. The war began as a conflict in central Europe between the Catholic Habsburg emperor and his Bohemian subjects over religion and imperial power. This Bohemian civil war quickly escalated as German princes lined up along sectarian lines to support one side or the other. Gutmann 's ideology goes on to say that the Thirty Years ' War can be considered as not one but three wars, with six or more principal parties. First, there was the imperial civil war, a conflict about religion and imperial authority, which ended by the Peace of Prague in 1635. Then there was the western war, involving Spain against the Netherlands and France, which was the continuation of sixteenth-century conflicts. Finally, there was the Baltic war, fought mostly in Germany, between Denmark first, and then Sweden, on one side, and the emperor and his allies on the other. This war concerned the growing power of the Baltic states, especially Sweden. Although these three wars are not easily distinguishable, they give us a starting point by telling us where to look for the conflicts which led to the Thirty Years '

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