Why A Subculture Is A Culture Within A Cultural Perspective Essay

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A subculture is a culture within a culture that shares some norms and values with mainstream society while possessing some of their own, which are usually deviant as a deviant act is one that goes against the norms and values held by the majority of the people. Different structural theories take different approaches while studying subcultural crime and deviance although they agree that it is “best understood by looking at groups involved in order to identify what causes members to be attracted to rule breaking” (Item A).

Functionalists view subcultures as arising from anomie in Merton’s strain theory as the strain of goals and the means of achieving them cause people, particularly those of working class backgrounds, to rebel and replace some of society’s norms and values to suit their needs. Cohen (1953) argued that many people have the goal of status in order to be respected and valued in modern society. He claimed that while middle class people can achieve this from educational success and parental figures, working class boys are denied this as they fail to achieve in school due to the cultural deprivation caused by their parents being unable to give them the skills they need to succeed. WC boys that fail to achieve academically leave school with fewer qualifications than their middle class peers and so are denied status in wider society as they settle for lower paid jobs or unemployment. This causes status frustration, WC boys that feel marginalised and angry at their…

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