Essay on Who Rules The World Better : Donkeys Or Elephants?

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Who rules the world better: donkeys or elephants? This is the ongoing question between the elephants, Republicans, and donkeys, Democrats, of the world. While Republicans are more conservative than democrats they both help not only America, but the whole world, to be better in their own unique way. All leaders differ in opinion on a wide variety of issues, but tax cuts and social issues are two of the main disputes. Taking into consideration that not every leader of either political party has the same morals or goals as the other, makes a big difference in which type of leader is best. Just because both the democratic and republican parties have vastly different opinions on the way issues should be handled does not mean one type of leader is better than the other.
Tax cuts are one of the main issues leaders of opposing parties disagree on. Democrats believe that only middle and low income families should receive tax cuts, while higher corporations and the wealthy should have to pay higher tax rates. They defend their case with the reasonable fact that “a tax code that rewards work and creates wealth for more people” is more beneficial than “a tax code that hoards wealth for those who already have it.” (Republicanviews, “Democratic”) Democrats also back up this argument with the fact that in the 1990’s, which was a very prosperous time for both the wealthy and poor, higher taxes were demanded from the rich. (Republicanviews, “Democratic”) Differently, Republicans think…

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