Who Is Your Mp? Essay

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Position Paper #1 – Who Is Your MP?
Concordia University

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Jose Nunez-Melo, representing me and the Laval Constituency, is a Member of Parliament (MP) in the House of Commons. He was born in the Dominican Republic in 1965, where he lived until he finished his training in English as a second language and obtained a diploma in Tourism Marketing. Then, he spent about nine years working in his homeland prior to immigrating to Canada in 1990 where he lived and studied until the year 2000, in which he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in management from HEC Montreal and a certificate in transportation from McGill University. Although Mr. Nunez-Melo did work for the Government and for the NDP, he was elected for the first time during the 2011 Federal Elections with 43.3% of the total valid votes in Laval. This electoral district (24032) has a population of 110,376 habitants, although the number of electors is diminished to 85,204 habitants. Being in the Quebec region, the Laval District has an area of 45.37 km2. In second position came the Parti Quebecois’ Candidate with 22.7% of the votes, 20.6% of difference between her and Mr. Nunez-Melo. Also, in third position, came the Liberal Party’s Candidate with 18.5% of the votes.

Being politically affiliated with the New Democratic Party, Mr. Nunez-Melo is a Member of Parliament on the opposing side. According to the 2011 elections’ results, the Conservative Party occupies 166 seats in the parliament. The New…

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