Who Is The Narrator In To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird
The book To Kill a Mockingbird is about a little girl named Scout, her brother Jem, and there father Atticus Finch. The story is told by Jean Louis Finch who is actually the little girl in the story named Scout. Jean Louis Finch is the narrator throughout the story and she reflects on the time when she was little. The story takes place in the 1930s in Maycomb County, Alabama during the years of the great depression when people were unemployed and everyone was in poverty. Sometime during the beginning of the story the judge approaches Atticus Finch and tells him about the case of Tom Robinson who was a black man accused of raping Mr. Ewell’s daughter Mayella Ewell. Atticus Finch agrees to defend Tom Robinson in the case
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They also find a medal, a watch, and some pennies. All the children in Maycomb around there neighborhood are afraid of Mr. Radley’s house because they all think that Mr. Radley is some kind of monster and that the trees around his house are all poisoned. During the trial of Tom Robinson in whom Atticus Finch is defending the sheriff testifies as a witness and tells everyone in the courtroom what he thinks happened to Mayella Ewell. He says that Tom Robinson beat Mayella Ewell and choked her around the neck and after he took advantage of her. Mr. Ewell testifies after the sheriff and he agrees with everything the sheriff says and tells what he saw and what he thinks happened. During his testimony he accuses Tom Robinson of beating Mayella and he says that he walked in on Tom Robinson doing so. He also believes that like the sheriff said he choked her around the neck. After Mr. Ewell tells Atticus what he believed happened Atticus calls Mayella Ewell to the stand. He asks her what happened and she repeated exactly what the sheriff and her father said. After Atticus asks her if Tom Robinson raped her she quickly said yes. After Atticus questioned Mayella he asks Tom Robinson to stand up and he tells …show more content…
Atticus throws him the glass and he catches it with his right hand and then Atticus told him to now catch it with his left hand and Tom Robinson said he could not because his left hand got trapped in a machinery at a young age. Atticus asked how did Tom Robinson choke her and beat her when he can only use one hand and this is what made Mayella Ewell starts to break down she started screaming and yelling and she leaves the stand and runs back to her seat where Mr. Ewell was sitting. After Mayella Ewell leaves the stand Tom Robinson gets called to the stand to give his side of the story. Atticus tells Tom Robinson what he thinks happened and Tom Robinson said that he met Mayella Ewell because he went by Mr. Ewell’s house everyday and one day Mayella asks him to help fix something and he does and so every time Tom Robinson went by there house Mayella Ewell would always ask him to do something around Mr. Ewell’s house and Tom Robinson did what she said. Then one day Mayella asks Tom Robinson to come in and she tries to kiss Tom Robinson and she tries to take advantage of him and he says that Mr. Ewell walks in and he sees them and he was lucky enough to escape and says that he ran as fast as he could. Eventually Atticus asks Tom Robinson did he beat and rape Mayella Ewell and he said while crying he did not rape her

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