Essay about What 's The Relationship Between Theories And The World?

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What’s the relationship between theories and the world to which theories meant to apply? Are there ultimate truth which can be obtained through a series of scientific validation and falsification? Is critical relativism appropriate for scientific research (marketing or consumer research in particular)? Those are some critical questions raised by this week’s readings that centered on the topic of rationality and relativism. Several authors provide different insights on answering those above questions as follows:
Initially, the debate between Cooper and Anderson introduced the controversial issue of whether scientist or consumer researcher should adopt the perspective of critical relativism. Cooper rejected the critical relativism saying that it holds a casual attitude towards truth and reality. Then he listed three main epistemological events that lead to the eventual dismissal of logical positivism. Cooper argued that we should recognize the important difference between practical impediments to seeking truth and the relativistic notion that there is no truth worth seeking. Anderson responded to cooper’s assertion by attacking two forms of realisms to which cooper’s concept of truth relies on: convergent realism and motivational realism. He then directly defended the critical relativism by refuting the assertion that critical relativism adopt a casual attitude towards truth and reality and by proving that critical relativism do not eschew the empirical testing.
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