Essay on What 's Right For Me Right Now

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Over the past few days I have predominately been in a “going with the flow” sort of state, happily present with all that has been showing up without any remarkable desire to affect outcomes. As much as I’ve been enjoying myself, I don’t strive to live this way 24/7. I am in this space because I know that it is what’s right for me right now. I have learned to embrace both the ebbs and flows of life.

It has been my observation that people seem to find comfort within either one or the other. Some prefer to ebb while others prefer to flow, and I was no exception to this. I have always envied one of my closest friends because of the ease in which she goes with the flow. I often find myself in awe of the grace and beauty she accepts that which she cannot change.

My ease has been in ebbing. Constricting myself and pulling back from a given situation for evaluation and assessment felt like second nature to me for most of my life.

One can get a long just fine in this world occupying one of these spaces more so than the other. One would just need to be aware of where their strength lies, and align themselves with complimenting opportunities. However, should you have a hunger for being the change you want to see in the world or living a life extraordinary, having either too much ebb or flow will limit your potential.

Imagine if the ocean’s tide only ebbed or only flowed. Nature shows us there is beauty and purpose in all things in and of themselves. However, it is through…

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