Essay about What Would Living Within A World Without Sound Feel Like?

1325 Words Nov 30th, 2016 6 Pages
What would living in a world without sound feel like? How would the educational experience be different if you were the only one in a classroom who could not hear the instructions from your teacher? What would the emotions be of someone experiencing all of this? These questions are crucial to the understanding of deaf culture (as an entity) and in relation to the majority-hearing world. Deafness, similar to homosexuality, is more than a disease or a condition – medically diagnosed or not. Deafness is indicative of an experience particular to a specific marginalized group. How can anyone attempt to answer the beginning questions if they have not been exposed to those who fall into said categories (in this case deafness)? Similar to any beginning study, I would argue – from my experience as a sociology major- that socialization is the greatest hierarchical force in our civilization. Socialization is the teaching and training of certain individuals to follow a regimented structure in order to be productive, useful members of a society. The individual and the society need each other in order to evolve and survive. How does this force then apply to those who fall outside the norm, who deviate from the expected situation? The research I have conducted, altogether shows that the teaching of sign language- through the use of narrative storytelling, and trained teachers- creates awareness for deaf children to feel accepted and understood. Furthermore, the teaching and training of…

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