What Was The Great Depression? Essay

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What was the Great Depression?
The Great Depression was the deepest and longest-lasting economic downfall in the history of the western industrialized world.
What were 2 long term causes of the great depression? 2 of the long term causes were Industry and Agriculture, railroads lose to trucks, buses, and cars. Coal loses 50% to hydroelectric, natural gas, and oil. Farms over-produced during WW1 to face europe. 40% declined after the war.
What year did Hoover get elected, and describe the 3 things he believed in. How did it prolong the depression?
Hoover got elected in the year 1928. He believed in Rugged individualism which means that people should succeed through their own efforts and take care of their own families. He believed in Voluntary cooperation, which means that people, government, businesses should help each other out. He also believed that economy has cycles, that the economy will go up and go down in cycles of time. It prolong the great depression because he didn’t do anything, he did the wait and see approach that turned the great depression into a much worse state.
What year did FDR get elected? Define the new deal.
FDR got elected in the year 1932. The new deal was a bunch of laws and programs to end the great depression.
Thesis: Was it a success?

Topic sentence: The New Deal was a failure
Evidence from docs: In document 1 it said that it gave part time jobs to teenagers which lowered the job offers to older people.
Details: The National Youth…

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