Essay on What Values Underline Green Marketing?

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#3. What is green marketing? What values underline green marketing? Provide at least 2 examples of green marketing.
“Green Marketing involves developing products whose production, use, or disposal is less harmful to the environment than the traditional versions of the product, they develop products that have a positive impact on the environment, and tie the purchase of the product to an environmental organization or event (pg. 94).” The product must be environmentally beneficial, and according to the FTC the company must back up its claims and be awarded third-party certificates and seals. Both Heineken and Coca-Cola have decided to go green to recycle resources.
#5 & 6. What are demographics? Why is population growth important for marketers? Explain two significant changes in the demographic of the USA.
“Demographics describes a population in terms of its population, size, distribution, occupation, education, income, structure, and age. Demographics influence consumption behaviors both directly and by affecting other attributes of individuals, such as their personal values and decision styles. Marketers frequently segment and describe their markets on the basis of demographics and use that information to select appropriate media and develop effective promotional themes. Demographics are often related to values, lifestyles, and media patterns in important ways (pg.116).” Demographics describes the population by size, education, income, and age. The demographics of an area…

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