Essay on What They Never Told You About Mistakes

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What They Never Told You About Mistakes
Is perfection really obtainable? Can we reach this abstraction without first falling and lending ourselves into the hands of failure? Thomas takes the controversial, misinterpreted concept of mistakes and parallels it with a hope so empowering that it yields progress. Most people tend to correlate mistakes with falling short and the incapability to achieve success on a level that offers satisfaction. However, Thomas rightfully and sufficiently sheds mistakes under the same positively-connotative words such as “lucky” and “hope.” Without failure, which is engraved in our nature, to maintain an adequate balance between mistakes and success, society would not be as evolved as it is today. Without mistakes, no growth would be put forth and thus no improvement. We would remain immobile, frightened to take a step forward in fear of falling. Yet it is those falls that are the very basis of moving forward because the next we take a step forward, we are led by caution and fueled by determination. Does one really believe that Walt Disney reached his goal on the first try? Fortunately, he did not – he “failed.” Yet, he learned. He used that failure as a means of motivation and it was so powerful that it drove him to life-changing advancements. He thrived off of other’s disapproval of his ideas, and they pushed him to the brink of revolutionizing society with his animations that still live on centuries to come. According to Mouse Planet, “he…

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