What Makes You Content With Your Life? Essay

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What makes you content with your life? Most people will answer with various reasons such as faith, family, job, money, things like that. All of those reasons that people give are they giving those people happiness or pleasure? Happiness and pleasure are two very different concepts that people use or think about every day without knowing the real difference either because they have never thought about it, or they just are unaware of the differences. Happiness is a state of well being determined by your positive mental and emotional stability at a given time. Each individual person decides and reports when they have achieved a state of happiness. In a New York Times article "A Formula for Happiness" by Arthur Brooks, it is reported that after many years of research, "the three major sources of happiness are, genes, events, and values." Also, in the same article it states that, up to forty percent of an individual 's happiness is attributed to genes. So, our happiness is almost half dependent on traits passed on from our parents. Then the events we experience through our lives also make up a fairly large percent of our happiness. The rest is from the values we decide to uphold through our life. Pleasure is directly related to happiness, but different. Pleasure is the feeling of satisfaction or enjoyment gained through a positive feeling. So, the difference is that happiness can give pleasure, but pleasure can only give an individual a moment of happiness. In a Huffington Post…

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