Essay on What Makes Something Good?

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What makes something good? Can any event that involves the mass death of millions of people be considered good? World War II saw the annihilation of millions of Jews, Soviets, and Western Europeans. Numerous countries crumbled under the boots and tank tracks of invading armies as the war touched every inhabited continent and nearly every country on earth. The United States, along with the Soviet Union and Great Britain, defeated a tyrannical dictator and a destructive emperor bent on taking over the world. Despite horror, good can still be found in the darkest of places. Millions of Americans returned home to a country more powerful and inclusive than the one they departed. Factories powering the Allied military machine created thousands of jobs and consequently, reinvigorated the economy. Furthermore, civil rights leaders made historic gains in the quest for equality of all people. Although no war is “good”, the United States returned from World War II to unprecedented levels of cultural and economic prosperity for the average American.
When the United States thrust itself into war with Germany and Japan, the country sat in the midst of a great depression. As twelve million young, working-age men boarded ships for Europe and Asia their jobs remained vacant. Just a year prior, seven million people lacked employment and the birthrate continued to fall. The war changed everything. Vast numbers of women workers stood up and took hold of the jobs deserted by the men fighting…

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