What Makes Pay Me? Essay example

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We live in a world where our possessions are a symbol of success. The bigger the car the louder that speaks about your bank account. Most people buy things as just something to do here in America. We are a particularly wasteful society. There is an uneven distribution of wealth and the poor can live right in the same neighborhood as the ultra rich. Most of the people here plan their lives around what will make them successful. They use the word success as a way of saying “well off enough to buy everything I want”. When the thing that will make you happy is what you should be doing and if that is where you are supposed to be the money will follow.

On the path that a person chooses to grow up they think about many things before deciding what they would like to do with their lives. They ask questions like: What interests me? What am I good at? What will it pay me? As a child I remember being asked what I wanted to be in life. I recall vividly recall saying I wanted to be a doctor. Some professions bring your family great honor, usually the job that not everyone can do because it is difficult. This was one of them plus I always saw the most luxurious things associated with doctors. As a young child I was already making decisions about my future based on material things.

In comparison to other societies, America is not a very happy place to be if you are not well off. There are people in Africa with not even half of the “basic necessities” we have in America. They have…

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