What Makes A Universal Value? Essay

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In life we all my want to be the bigger, badder and more awesome person we already are. We either want a to be more attractive, have a faster car, make more money or be popular. But when someone asks me what kind of person i aspire to be nothing physical comes to mind. The way that I am now feels as if I have a huge loading bar above me or even that spiral of light going clockwise. The person I want be is a combination of my set values and principles I have and want to improve on. In my life

A universal value can be described as “one that produces behavior that is beneficial to both the practitioner and the to those on whom it is practiced” (Eyre). Honesty, respect towards others, and learning to solve problems without resorting to violence are examples of values. Though there are probably hundreds of thousands of different values that millions of different people cherish. But the thing about values is that they “must be personal”(Eyre). My personal values are the biggest part of my character, and I always use them before saying anything or making any decisions. Loving people, passion for excellence and dedication are my main set of values in my life.

Loving People, at my church my pastor always talks about loving god will help you love people. When I say love i don 't mean just being in love or loving your mom. I 'm talking about real loving admiration. My senior year i had this love for my math teacher, I didn 't have a crush i just thought he was a great person and…

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