What Makes A Good Design Is Complex And Contradictory Essay

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Good design is complex and contradictory this is supported by the statement “less is a bore” and that less doesn 't mean more. By having less you lose the interesting aspects of complexity. Venturi points that the richness and complexity of modern experience needs to be expressed in our architecture. This is further supported by the statement that function doesn 't follow form and that ornaments are valuable for architecture. Ornaments in architecture have meaning, is intrinsically symbolic, and can be used to communicate ideas.

Complexity and contradiction are words seen to have negative meanings in daily language. Ozturk (2014) states that if there is a complexity, it should be simplified and if there is a contradiction it should be eliminated however contrary to the negative meanings, these concepts have taken place in literature as notions explaining the nature of architecture. Postmodernist architect Robert Venturi states that good design is complex and contradictory (Venturi, 1965). Venturi argues the importance of applying inner complexity and contradiction to create more sophisticated, diverse architecture over simplified, black or white architecture. By ignoring the ‘grey’ aspect of architecture and focusing only on ‘black and white; we are ignoring the meanings associated with the architecture. For instances, Venturi designed the ‘Vanna Venturi House’ which, is known as the first example of postmodern architecture. This is where Venturi tested and explored…

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