Essay about What It Look Like By. Hayes

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On the surface, the plot of “What it look like” appears to be straightforward, and tells the struggles living as an African American and the culture he was brought up in. The speaker was obviously brought up in a ghetto community which consist of drugs and rap music. Hayes reveals the story through a narrator’s voice. It is told from his point of view that allows readers to relate and understand the meaning of his life. Therefore, a reader should understand that a great deal of knowledge and experience informs Hayes narrative. Through the examination of the apparent meaning of this poem it is changing your self-image to be respected and socially accepted by others individuals. Ultimately, through this analysis, it can be discovered that social acceptance plays a large role in how African Americans view themselves in today’s society. One of the lines that supports the apparent meaning is in the line when Hayes mentioned Othello in the line, “Like I was saying, my motto is Never mistake what it looks like for what it is else you end up like that Negro Othello, (Was Othello a Negro?)” (Hayes) In the play Othello by William Shakespeare, Othello was one of the main characters. He was a black general of the army but has many insecurities because he was never accepted by anyone. The characters took him as a joke and thought of Othello lower than them because he was black. He fell in love with a white woman and when she cheated, he decided to kill her. He was called out of his…

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