What Is The Theme Of Gothicism In A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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Rhythmic, upbeat, country-rock music pulses as scenes depicting rusting cars in thick overgrowth, dilapidated homes, police brutality, and Ku Klux Klan assemblies flash on-screen. A Black Pastor jumps up and down with great fervor, and his congregation raises its hands in worshipful agreement. The bones from a massive alligator head hang from a Louisiana parish front porch, and time-lapse photography reveals the decaying carcass of a fox. Steeple crosses and neon crosses intermingle with a lake baptism, half-naked women—some gyrating, cemeteries, and an old roadside letter board that reads God Hates Fangs! This opening sequence to the television series True Blood, created by Alan Ball, is a visual tapestry of Southern Gothic themes and stylization. …show more content…
At the outset, the Grandmother wants to visit with connections [family or friends] in East Tennessee, implying a sentiment towards her relations worthy of a visitation. In addition, the Grandmother expresses to anyone who will listen, the past being preferable than the present. When in the car, she says to her grandchildren, “In my time, children were respectful of their native states and their parents and everything else” (O’Connor). This statement reflects the difference in generational attitudes, respect for elders and minding of manners, unlike the behaviors of her grandchildren. Moreover, when at The Tower, Red Sam, and the Grandmother discuss when times were “better” and Red Sam says, “A good man is hard to find” (O’Connor), mirroring the Grandmother’s sentiments about the state of the world and its many unpleasant changes. A display of nostalgia most pivotal to the story is the Grandmother fondly recalling visiting a plantation home within the neighborhood they are driving. She shares memories with her grandchildren of the grandeur of the six-columned house, with its oak-lined drive, wooden trellis arbors, and its gardens, evoking within her, strong desires to visit this home of her youth. The innovative usage of nostalgia and its tie-ins with the outcome of the story, further classifies “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” as Southern Gothic

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