Essay on What Is The American Dream?

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What is the American Dream? To some the American dream symbolizes passion, endless opportunity and a certainty that everything is capable if you try and work hard to reach it. (Films Media Group, 2007) Others may understand a money-oriented and shallow side of the dream where the vision contains nothing more than pushing for financial prosperity, wealth and control, as this was suppose to bring freedom and happiness. “The simplest possible answer as well as the most common general impression, is expressed by the standard cliché, the rise from rags to riches.” (Bloom, 2009, p.23) “Americans believe in self-invention, making yourself into a more successful, richer, more genteel, more intelligent person.” (Films Media Group, 2007) “A second and more important aspect of the American Dream” […] “is the rise from impotence to importance, from dependence to independence, from helplessness to power.” (Bloom, 2009, p.24) Money regularly comes to be associated with the faith and desire of the American Dream, changing it and destructing the proper purpose of this dream, instead making it greedy and selfish. The American Dream primarily includes the craving of assets and riches.
“Fitzgerald has come to be associated with this concept of the American dream more so than any other writer of the twentieth century” (Pearson, 1970, p.638) Aspects linking Fitzgerald to the story of ‘The Great Gatsby’ are given throughout his life. Just like Gatsby, Fitzgerald too, as a young boy growing up…

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