What Is Social Control Theory? Essay

1333 Words Jan 23rd, 2016 null Page
What is social control theory? A form of patterns of pressure, which society maintains social order. Like people say are born bad and learn to be good. In my opinion people are born good and bad, it just takes self- preservation to choose who they truly are. But society does have a bigger impact in young youth’s choices if they’re bad or good. Why do we have to pay attention to this? Well we don’t want young people heading to prison when it’s the society fault that they think that there bad, instead of telling a kid that’s his bad. Teach them on doing that right thing instead, because keep in mind there are the future. Does environment have to do with why young youth go bad other than good? It doesn’t really matter where you come from it just matters on who you put yourself, like who you hang out, your family. Why I say family is if they’re trying to keep you away from all the bad things in the world. Because you could come from a wealthy family just depends if your parents of siblings are there to tell you what’s bad around world. So having a wiser mind helps. First in addition to the article I read about youth moving from there neighborhoods to the cellblock. There was one researcher that I totally agree “indicates that youth inmates are more likely to be from urban areas” (MacKenzie 1987). Because people are likely to do something bad when they around a city or a town. In bigger places you’re able to do more bad things then just in a little neighborhood. Like yes their…

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