What Is George Orwell's Response To The Book 1984

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George Orwell’s novel, 1984, iterates the ideals of government control and psychological grooming to constrict and subdue the rebellious attitudes of individuals. In today’s societies, our government’s actions are resonating deep within citizens and they’re frightened. They are unnerved with the potential circumstances they could find themselves in. George Orwell’s 1984, is reverberating throughout the public during this era because of specific events such as Trump’s election and the testaments of North Korean refugees. This year, President elect Donald Trump proposed a travel ban to Congress. Essentially the ban said, according to CNN, they will enact a restriction on Americans from traveling to specific countries which happen to inhabit …show more content…
In America, we have so many freedoms and we cherish them. When stories appear of people leading restrictive lives, it makes us grateful about our circumstances yet admit empathy towards the not so fortunate ones. In the words of Yeomni Park, “I had no idea what a “hobby” was. When it was explained that it was something I did that made me happy, I couldn’t conceive of such a thing. My only goal was supposed to be making the regime happy. And why would anyone care about what “I” wanted to be when I grew up? There was no “I” in North Korea—only “we.” This affidavit perturbs the world because they were forced to put the well-being of the regime first instead of their own personal desires. Similarly, in 1984, O’Brien, the interrogator, is trying to morph rebellious Winston back into order and eventually he conformed. “Yes, even.. He could not fight against the Party any longer. Besides, the Party was in the right. It must be so: how could the mortal, collective brain be mistaken?” O’Brien decapitated Winston’s pride and corrupted his mind just as the North Korean government has done to Ms. Park. The brainwashing the governments are executing is concerning to people around the world because you could be missing out of something spectacular without being aware of it even existing. The people in North Korea …show more content…
Both of the current events relate to the 1984 novel due to the banning of freedoms and psychological modifying their human natures. Upon the election of Donald Trump there has been infinite amounts of farcical bans and laws he yearned to pass, but he managed to enact one: the travel ban. The travel ban inhibits the migrating of people to and from specific countries. By having the freedom of travel being shredding from our rights, it could instigate more ludicrous laws and bans that are detrimental to our freedoms. It similarly mimics 1984’s government as they have very little rights. On the other hand, North Korea’s government resembles 1984’s as well. They both are unaware of the pleasures they’re missing and are only fed with information that is filtered from the government. With the general public becoming increasingly aware of President Trump’s absurd shenanigans and the lamentable testimonies of North Korean refugees, the book 1984 has been reverberating with these current events because people unearthed their want to let others enjoy freedom in addition to to preserving their

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