What Is Cultural Policy? Essay

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What is a cultural policy?

Cultural policy is described by Caron Atlas as “policy is connected to all major issues of our society: economic stratification, race relations, international relations, technology, education, and community development. (Atlas)
Cultural policy is the area of public policy-making that governs activities related to the arts and culture. These are

For example: Take a look at Hamilton Ontario they have art, heritage, dance and music. What makes them standout is festival and events, a thriving art scene, stories and customs, a strong sense of history. Hamilton has beautiful architectural designs, outdoor art, parks, farmer’s markets and waterfalls. All of these things create a cultural vibrancy which helps build the community and give it a cultural identity.

Why do we need to have a cultural policy?

Cultural policy is necessary to help educate, produce and assist with rules and decisions to inform and by social relationships and principles. These policy help identify how arts are funded what broadcast will been show to show diversity. What will be built to improve the community and what pastimes with be fortified. Cultural policy creates identity, jobs, creativity, tourism and growth. It revitalizing neighborhood, transforming cities, making communities attractive, open and welcoming.

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative industries and Innovations took a census from 1996 to 2006. The data showed growth in the workforce during the…

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