What Does Your Zip Code Say About Treatment? Essay

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If headlines were to be believed as any indication of our children’s safety in the inner-city, we should be very worried. Our streets, seemingly have turned to war zones and playgrounds becoming battlefields. Leaving our children battle fatigued and lost. Those would be the lucky ones. For many, too many are mortally wounded and many more are left with the physical and often silent mental wounds of this unnamed and unrecognized war. While research shows that the likelihood of children exposed to violence are higher in an inner-city setting than that of a suburban one, we are beginning to recognize the often, long term and lasting effects of this disturbing type of violence. Does your zip code predict your exposure to violence and often traumatic consequences that often plague prolonged exposure to violence? If this is so, what does your zip code say about treatment outcomes after prolonged exposure to violence?
What is the Problem?
Neighborhood and community violence are on the rise in inner-cities throughout the United States, randomized acts of violence, normally criminal in nature and usually involves guns, or other weapons, designed for maximum trauma. It is estimated that 80 – 90% of children growing up in an inner-city setting has either witnessed or experienced some level of community violence. Unlike domestic violence (which is equally detrimental and traumatizing), community violence can be defined as criminal and/or violent acts occurring in the local…

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