Essay about What Does The Prison Looks Like?

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What Prison Looks Like
In order to help felons reintegrate into society and become successful employees, it is important to comprehend what conditions these individuals have been in, while incarcerated. Their irresponsible and harmful actions have resulted in years of strict surveillance, firm schedules, and little freedom to help them become better citizens in our society. Once out of prison, “ex-offenders face a multitude of challenges in securing housing, employment and education; all of which make it difficult, if not impossible, for many to become productive members of their communities” (Orrick et al 401). Often prisoners’ families and friends have abandoned them and society looks at them in disgust making it nearly impossible to find a worthwhile job. This article will focus on what tools prisoners are given to become successful members of society as well as focus on some of the struggles prison systems face. While it is important to help these ex-cons adjust to the nuances of society and life outside of prison, it is also important to understand life in prison and how it has changed the felon. Prisons in the United States today hold more prisoners and are given less money than in previous years, making this issue more prevalent to us here and now. Life in prison is designed to help inmates learn habits of successful, functioning members of society. Prisoners are able to work, take classes, go to church, work out, watch television, and read. These activities help…

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