What Does The Opening Scene Tell You About The African Slave Trade?

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What does the opening scene tell you about the African slave trade?
What is learned from the opening scene is that the captured slaves are kept in very poor conditions under the deck of a ship. As we see from the very start there are many of them rushing from the below decks area to overwhelm the men who are transporting them. Though it is hard to tell the exact dimensions of the ship it is obvious that there are many more slaves than there are crew. This leads the viewer to believe that the ship is a very cramped condition. Also, the slaves are kept basically unclothed. They are also clearly desperate to escape as they have no hesitation to take the lives of the crew. While it is not shown, it is implied from the general knowledge that the slaves were beaten.
What are the conditions like on the ship?
The Amistad was somewhat different from other ships of the slave trade as it was a smaller ship rather than a large cargo type ship. It only held about 53 slaves and had a tiny crew. Because of the size of the ship it was very cramped. The crew were generally unpleasant to the slaves. Through the narrative of the trial we learn about how badly the crew treaded their mostly naked slaves. They were particularly cruel to them as they would take actions such as salting fresh wounds. These sorts of conditions would not even be fit to transport livestock by today ' standards.
What task does Joadson say was left undone by the founding fathers?
Joadson, a freed slave, tells John Quincy…

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