What Does The Dinosaurs Go? Essay

1018 Words Feb 8th, 2016 null Page
As a child, I had an insatiable curiosity and was always brimming with questions. Where did the dinosaurs go? Why is that man homeless? Where do babies come from? And my parents would always patiently listen and conjure up a quick and simple answer. Growing up I came to realize that some of these answers that my parents had given me weren 't always entirely correct or even necessarily true at all. But they would set a very important precedent in my life. What 's even more interesting; however, is that over the past few decades, society has undergone a similar phenomenon that 's not all that different from my childhood experience. Walk into a bookstore, and you 'll be greeted by rows upon rows of Sparknotes. Turn on the news, and trendy slogans and sound bites will fill the room. Don 't have an opinion, that 's ok, plenty of other people do and they 'd be more than happy to lend you theirs. It seems that every corner we turn, we are being fed dumbed-down answers, some to questions that we are yet to even ask. After all, we live in a world in a constant state of flux - a world where terrorism and nuclear warfare are ever-looming threats. A world of artificial intelligence and government surveillance. A world filled with immigration issues, and corruption, and gun control, and drone strikes, and Obamacare. In short, the world is confusing. No, it 's utterly terrifying. So now days whenever we face something complex, we just substitute it with something simple and whenever…

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