Essay on What Does Science Mean You?

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What does science mean to you?
To me, science is everything. Not only is it the normal biology or psychology, it is everything that surrounds us, or is in us, even the things we ourselves do not know about. The Webster definition is “a system or method reconciling practical ends with scientific laws” which for me that definition encompasses everything we know and learn every day. You can look around and find things that are there; a pencil, a wall, a tree. You can find things that you don’t even see; air, space, feelings. These are all things that are considered under the umbrella term of “science”. It takes specialists and fields under the term “science” to even begin to understand any of these things, as each is equally complex. These people we call scientists, especially those with the prefix “Doctor” or those paid to do or study it. Though I believe that everyone who even slightly thinks about how something works or why it does that, it a scientist. I do also believe that it is a vague topic to look at but science could be anything, but the accepted view on it is the natural sciences (still including social and other sciences such as astrology who some may call pseudoscience). Yet, just because something is hard to understand or seems like magic, it does not mean that it is a science (but I do argue that astrology and similar topics definitely fit under the label of “pseudoscience” as the idea of a “science” is based on the idea of being able to do multiple independent…

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