What Does Kill A Mockingbird? Essay

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“Self-identity is inextricably bound up with the identity of the surroundings.” These words from Lars Fr. H. Svendsen describe the topic of how one’s surroundings affect its self identity. Svendsen uses the word “surroundings” in his quote, which can also be referred to as the society that is exposed around the identity. It also conveys how much influence one’s society plays into everyday life. Ultimately, society’s influence creates the biggest impact in the creation of one’s identity. Societal prejudice and stereotypes build into the morality of one’s identity. In the novel,To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout realize a side of the case she has never seen before: “Atticus had used every tool available to free men to save Tom Robinson, but in the secret courts of men 's hearts Atticus had no case. Tom was a dead man the minute Mayella Ewell opened her mouth and screamed" (Lee 245). Scout realizes how Tom Robinson had no chance in winning the case, no matter what Atticus could have done in the courthouse. The cards were all against Tom Robinson, the moment the Ewells’ declared that he raped Mayella. The sole fact that Tom was a black individual going against a white family during the 1930s, where racism was no stranger, depicts how much of the case was merely based on the color of Tom Robinson’s skin rather than the actual evidence of the case. As a result, the racism that was influenced through society had an effect on how the jury perceived the case. Everyone in…

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