What Does An Online Support Group For Depression Need? Essay

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What does an online support group for depression need?
With the advancement of internet technology, there are many communities emerging on the internet. People gather together for various reasons through the internet, and depression is one of them, which is a rather rare aspect that people seldom realize. Due to my personal experience of resorting to online support group for depression, I actually believe that the internet can be an effective medium for offering essential help for depression patients, or even people with other kind of mental health issues as well. However, in order to achieve such goal, the support from social system is indispensable. Below I will mention some methods that I believe will benefit the online support groups for depression and contribute to better lives of such communities.
The first step to help the online support groups for depression is eliminating the social stigma through educational and legal system. People with no experience of mental illness generally lack related knowledge and tend to make incorrect assumption about depression, although an estimated of 350 million people worldwide suffer from it (World Health Organization). Some common stigma labeled to depression patients are lack of stress resilience, unstable, weak and sentimental. To reduce such misconception, I think education on depression and other common mental illness is the most fundamental way. Since I have displayed symptoms of depression, I can never pluck up my courage to…

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