Essay about What Do Australians Stand For?

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What do Australians stand for? Is it that all Muslims should go back to their home country because they are terrorists? Or that equality is an important part of our country and something that we should strive for? I believe that a reasonable percentage of Americans would agree with the first one but here in Australia we strive for a country with equality. To get equality I believe justice, culture and opportunity are a part of what Australians stand for and a first step to equality, you don’t have to agree with what other people’s beliefs are to get equality but you do need to accept them without judgment. In Stand up they taught exactly this. Mrs McCann didn’t agree with Joel’s prospective but at the end she did accept it. She realised that even though she didn’t believe what Joel was doing was right but he had a right to stand up for himself. Kevin Rudd’s speech back in 2008 was about accepting the things we have done in the past with the stolen generation was wrong and that we all should accept this. Agreeing with someone who does completely different things to you can be very hard so were lucky that to find equality all we have to do is accept the differences. The Land is Mine, a song written about the different types of connections that us and the aborigines have to the land. Opportunity, another thing as a country we strive for. Opportunity is something that will define your personality. Are you someone who takes every opportunity head on and try to do the best you can…

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