Essay on What Did You Do?

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1) What did you do?
a. At St. James afterschool program, I interacted with children ranging from junior kindergarten through seventh grade on a daily basis. My duties include helping with homework, doing check-in, check-out helping with snack time and interacting with the children during several activities.
b. When assisting the children with homework, I assisted all 4th graders with homework Monday through Thursday. Helping with homework included checking all 4th graders homework and assisting the children when faced with difficult homework problems. One an average day when helping with homework there would be ten 4th graders that needed my assistances. Working with the students during homework gave me the opportunity to interact with some students on a personal level.
c. Two days throughout the week my duties included sitting at the desk for about an hour and a half checking all students in. One these days I was responsible for keep documentation of who came to after school and who was absent. Due to the fact I was the first adult the students interact upon entering the building, it gave me the opportunity to hear about their day. Occasionally I would assist with check-out, which was just calling children names of the radio to notify the adult it was time for the child to pack up and go home.
d. After assisting 4th graders with homework, I would then interact with kids through games that were played in the gym, playground, the field or activities that took place…

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