What Are The Disadvantages Of The Witch Hunts

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Register to read the introduction… Most of the people accused were females. A majority of them were around the age of 60. Almost all of these people were old, uneducated, and did not have the ability to defend for themselves against wrong assumptions. about eighty percent of the the accused were innocent victims were hung. If they tried to defend and fight against these false assumptions, they would be tortured until they confessed. There were test, such as, being throw into the ocean and seeing if you would drown or not. If you drowned you were not a witch, if you did not you were. So, either way you would die. You would die because they would burn you alive. Others were tortured so much that they just admit that they were witches, even though they were not. They wanted the pain to end.
The three main reasons for the persecutions of many innocent victims in Europe which last from about 1480-1700. Was, first, age, gender, and a persons class. Second, was the public opinion and peer pressure of people. And third, was very strong religious beliefs. The techniques of the witch hunts were the most helpless, or the ones that are blamed by somebody else ,in other words scapegoating . These techniques are the very same we used today in many political, economic, ideological conflicts. So we some what have witch hunts

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